The days and the nights, the thoughts then and the thoughts about.
I spread out my net and catch what no one has seen, the feeling, the breath of the soul.
There are little things that hang for a moment in the meshes remain before they continue to slide, that I get to see them only briefly – to make the mood.
The larger, which stuck are the most. Sometimes funny, cheerful and friendly, sometimes sad, gloomy or sorrowful, I sort through them and they become the content. And there is something big outside that touches me, what moves me, what impressed me every day and if I manage to catch it, then it stays there as a message.
And these are my pictures as I see them today. I know that yesterday they were a little different for me. And I know that they will be a bit different to me tomorrow. I hope that the viewer feels the same and that I manage to share my vision with him.


I was born in 1965 in Zory Silesia (Poland).  Painting I am an autodidact. I paint since the eighties. I paint the world round myself in my symbolic way – people with everyday problems and worries. I try to lure the viewer and his imagination and fantasy. I want him to recognize himself or well known things in my works. I think that the figures in my pictures speak their own languages – understandable in many different, individual ways.

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